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Peoples’ participation in the regulatory activities of Traffic Police is a key to societal acceptance of traffic regulations that ensure efficient vehicular traffic and safety on the streets. Active involvement & cooperation of citizens is necessary to effectively manage traffic. The Traffic Warden Scheme of Jaipur Traffic Police aims at achieving this synergy through participative regulation of traffic.


  • To promote peoples’ participation in regulation of Traffic with a view to ensure smooth movement of vehicular traffic.
  • To inculcate road - sense in motoring public and pedestrians and to promote complementary interaction. To promote and propagate the correct road attitude amongst citizens through mass contact and to develop community approach towards safety on the roads.
  • To prevail upon and persuade road - users from committing and repeating traffic violations.
  • To actively participate and assist Jaipur Traffic Police in managing vehicular and pedestrian movements on special occasions.
  • To render assistance at the accident sites.


The Traffic Wardens are purely voluntary associates of Jaipur Traffic Police which function under the control of the DCP Traffic, Jaipur. The persons enlisted in this scheme are called "Traffic Wardens. The Traffic Warden is not entitled to any salary, allowance, or payment in any form whatsoever, either in cash or kind for performing a voluntary role as a Traffic Warden, or for attending any training or event. The Traffic Wardens are also required to purchase specified arm band, beret etc. as per from his/her own funds.


  • The Traffic Wardens do not have any statutory powers.
  • Every Traffic Warden shall be required to undergo a short course of training. Fixed duty hours and location shall be given (as far as possible) as per the convenience of the Traffic Warden.
  • The warden shall assist Traffic Police and perform the duties related to regulation and control of traffic at the behest of the concerned TI of that area.

At present there are 349 traffic wardens working with Jaipur traffic police

You can download Traffic Warden application form click here .


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